Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes to weddings, it’s safe to say we’ve all considering getting married. After all, we all want companionship of some kind, and what is marriage if not the ultimate form of companionship? Not only that, but culture by and large tells us that marriage is the correct path to take through life, so how can we not think about it? Many of us have even put enough thought into marriage as to plan out our dream wedding in advance for fun. And, weddings are fun events. They can be stressful to plan, however, hence the Bridezilla archetype, but I think we can all agree that it’s worth it to know that you’ve found your soulmate and that the two of you are together to the fullest extent possible. Before we reach that point, however, we have to consider the ceremony, and we have to consider the planning thereof.

First and foremost, you need to consider your budget. Weddings tend to get pretty expensive pretty quickly, and that’s okay with most of us because it’s hard to put a budget on the most important day of your life like that. However, we’re not made of money, so it’s important to know your limits and be ready to back down if need be. For example, instead of getting real, expensive flowers for decoration, you could get convincing fakes for cheap from Macy’s, and no one would know the difference. It’s like a magician’s act. The bride and groom act as a misdirection, so no one notices the small details, so you can take some liberties. However, if you’re the “go big or go home” kind of person, feel free to do your own thing. It’s your big day, after all.

Another important thing to take into consideration is catering. Vegetarianism and veganism are more popular now than ever, and so you may want to, pun definitely intended, cater to those dietary restrictions on your big day for the sake of including friends and family who are vegetarian and vegan. This will go a long way toward making your guests feel more like part of the family, and they’ll enjoy themselves all the more, which will make you enjoy yourself all the more, as well.

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Innovative Tips for Do It Yourself Wedding Inspiration


Weddings can be such a beautiful experience, even if you do spend so much time putting work into planning for it. The downside is usually that they end up costing so much in the end. Due to the hefty bill that most newlyweds face after a wedding, there has been an uptick in the trend of do it yourself weddings lately. Combined with the information now available on places like Pinterest and other internet sites, it almost seems silly to think that you would pay someone money to do half the things you can do yourself. Another interesting insight may be the lack of formal religion in many people’s lives these days. The current generation making up the bulk of the newlywed pool seems to favor a traditional church or temple wedding far less than generations of the past. If you are a bride or groom, or maybe even in the wedding party, you should probably take a look through some of the great tips below. Being part of a do it yourself wedding can actually be a lot of fun.

Enlist Your Friends

If you are going to be calling on your friends to give you help, then it might be nice to reach out to them in the very beginning. Sometimes it is easier to get people excited and involved in something if they feel invested in the idea from the start. Maybe even let people vote to help you decide between your top wedding themes or have them help you put together the list of tasks that need to be done. Picking a theme should obviously be first on your list of things to do since it will dictate everything you have to do in the future.

Do Not Insist on Being Original

weddingOk, this one may sound mean, but you are not original. The world is a big wide place and there are at least a few other people out there who are very much like you. Chances are there are a whole group of people just like you, and they have already shared their ideas on the internet. I guess what I am saying is, take advantage of this and get inspiration from you peers. Sure, feel free to add your own twist or detail on an item or idea, but do not turn down every idea your friends come to you with just because they found it on the internet from someone who did it first.

Shop for Supplies Places Other Than Just Craft Stores

I am not saying you should avoid shopping at craft stores all together, just suggesting that you should keep an open mind and perhaps look at purchasing items in other stores, like a Home Depot. A hardware store can be a great place to get things that some people use for crafts, for a lower price. This can be because the item you are in need of is actually has an everyday use. You might be able to find coupons or deals for these types of stores well and save yourself even more money.…

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Top Wedding Blogs


When you are trying to create the perfect wedding, you can easily find yourself a little lost as to which way to turn. It’s easy to take charge of a wedding and all its preparations but handling everything without a problem, that’s another story! The trouble is things get complicated and you quickly run out of ideas, even though you had it all worked out in your head. Looking for help and inspiration can be tricky which is why wedding blogs are a must! Find the top wedding blogs and get inspired today.

OMG I’m Getting Married

Don’t be put off by the name. OMG I’m Getting Married is a fantastic blog to checkout. For those who want help and advice on marriage and planning a wedding, this has to be the ideal blog for you! OMG I’m Getting Married offers a lot of help (some say for hipsters in general) and there is even a fantastic section for mothers of the bride. You might be able to find out a lot here and its well worth checking out even if it’s for your mother!

Love My Dress

If you are planning a more chic wedding, Love My Dress has to be the blog for you. This is truly a beautiful blog to check out as it offers so much for brides and those planning a wedding. You can find out about vintage ideas as well as how you can get a more subtle approach too without breaking the bank. There are lots of tips here for the big day scenery and décor too which can come in real use later. read more from

Rock My Wedding

This blog is truly one of the very best available today. Rock My Wedding started off a small blog by a lady who knew her stuff on weddings and has since grown! This blog is ideal for those who want some ideas on beauty tips for the big day as well as helping to make married life far easier for both the bride and groom. Rock My Wedding really is an inspiration and you can get real-life tips by someone who’s been in the same position as you which is comforting.

Once Wed

weddingDealing with invitations can be tough and if you need some help but aren’t sure who to turn to, Once Wed could be the right blog for you. Once Wed offers a host of information and help on all those fine detail things within the wedding. Brides can get a lot of simple ideas for their invitations, as well as decorations for the table and floral arrangements. Once Wed really is a great blog to consider and you can find some fantastic inspiration here too—you won’t be disappointed.

Get the Inspiration You Need

Reading the best wedding blogs can really open your eyes to the possibilities. What is more, you can become inspired by others and if it makes the day go easier, that’s perfect. You never know, one day you might write your own wedding blog and help another. Read wedding blogs and make your day go without a problem.…

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Stylish Wedding

wedding style

Have you ever planned for a stylish wedding? Weddings aren’t always the simplest events to plan for as they’re so emotionally charged and everything must be perfect. It’s quite complicated to get everything so on the mark, even when you have a bit of party experience. However, you don’t have to struggle either as it can be very simple to create a stylish wedding. So, how can you create your ideal wedding?

Plan, Plan and Plan!

Stylish weddings are fantastic and they really can make your day feel so much more special. However, how well are your plans going? Are you at the first phase where you have so many ideas or haven’t you started yet? There needs to be some level of preparation so that you don’t get into a spin. This is the simplest idea to create a stylish wedding and keep things easy and straightforward for everyone involved.

You Must Set Aside Money for All Aspects of the Wedding

Budgeting is great because it allows you to know your limitations and allow you to adjust for the necessities. However, while budgeting is great, you have to separate your budget and put aside money for each area of the wedding. For instance, you need to have a set amount for the wedding dresses and suits, as well as a set amount or a limit for the catering, venue costs, bands, photographers, and every other necessity! It’s not going to be fun but it’s the smart way to plan for a stylish wedding. Remember, if you budget wisely you can avoid overspending and taking something out of the wedding.

Go Online For Inspiration

If you have never planned a wedding before and aren’t sure which direction to take for your wedding, it’s time to be inspired. Go online and checkout what others are doing right now. This might help throw-up a few answers to your problem. Remember, stylish weddings are easy to create but you do have to stay away from bright and bold colors that overshadow the bride. Also, it’s important to keep things simple so that you don’t make things harder for you! You will thank yourself later. visit today!

What Do You Want?

wedding styleStyle is in the eye of the beholder! What you might like is not the ideal choice for someone else but that shouldn’t put you off! When planning a stylish wedding, it’s necessary to consider what themes you like or want to have. This is your wedding and you should plan it however you like; it’ll be stylish even if it’s only you who thinks so! If you think about what is going to add some magic to the wedding you and your new spouse will love the day so much more.

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Planning a stylish wedding is going to be full of ups and downs! You have a wide variety of tasks that must be done and with a limited budget so you have to prioritize. It’s necessary to think about what you like, as well as have a well thought-out budget for the occasion. When you plan wisely, you can have the wedding of your dreams.…

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Plan Your Wedding on a Budget


Weddings are very costly. You have so much that must be organized and that essentially drives up your costs. There is the venue to sort and then somewhere for the after party and, of course, you have the costs for the dresses and suits. Weddings are unfortunately far too costly and for most couples, they do not have thousands and thousands to spend. However, there are still ways to plan a wedding on a rather small budget and it can still be a very intimate affair.

Look At Self Catering

When you’re working with a budget you absolutely need to cut costs wherever you can. However, catering for the after party can be extremely expensive and something that adds thousands onto your wedding bill. Instead of hiring caters you may want to look into self-catering. If you or someone in the family has a talent for cooking it may be wise to ask them if they could lend a hand. This could be their wedding gift to you; or you could buy the supplies for them instead. It really is a simple way to save money and it’s a useful option for those working with a tight budget.

Shop Around For a More Cost-Effective Wedding Dress and Suit

Brides want the ideal wedding dress but, sometimes, these can be extremely costly. However, if you can, you could use your mother’s old wedding dress and alter it somewhat to make it more modern. It is a more cost-effective way to afford a dress and it can save so much. There are many outlets to rent a dress from or indeed buy second-hand. Now, you might scoff at used garments but it can be a fantastic way to save money. If these aren’t the ideal solutions for you there is always the idea of shopping around. This will allow you to find a more cost-effective wedding dress for less. You should do this for groom’s suits.

Ask the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to Buy Their Own Garments

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a large or small wedding, you probably will have bridesmaids, ushers and a best man which means more money to pay out for their attire. However, the dresses and suits, not to mention gifts, can be extremely costly. That is why you have to talk to them and explain the situation. You need to ask them if they could purchase a dress or suit themselves. It doesn’t need to be anything too over the top, just a subtle suit or dress. This would save money and, if they’re true friends, they will understand and hopefully agree. You can still get them a special gift to thank them but, again, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. read more from

Throw the Wedding Party in Your Back Garden

Planning a wedding on a budget can be extremely tough and, for most, they don’t have the money to hire a venue. However, you don’t need to book a large venue as you can hire a smaller venue to cater for the after party. If you want to save even more money, it would be wise to look at hosting the after party somewhere free—your home. Throwing the wedding party in your garden would be ideal if you have good enough space available to you. If your home isn’t big enough, you could always ask your parents or a family friend. If they agree you could pay them something so they aren’t put-out.

Limit Your Guest List

weddingsTo be honest, if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, there needs to be some sort of limit to the amount of guests you invite. While you might want three or four hundred guess, it mightn’t be viable. That’s why you have to limit your overall guest list, at both the ceremony and the after party. The fewer people you have the less you’ll have to pay for catering and the actual venue. This is a simple way to plan a wedding on a budget and it’s worth considering nonetheless. A more intimate wedding can be more romantic and special. get news from

There’s No Need to Spend Big

In this day and age, very few people have the cash to spend big on a wedding. It can be tragic because you feel as though you’re missing out but you shouldn’t look at it like that. Yes, you might have wanted the big wedding, but what about a more intimate setting? Smaller weddings can be more intimate and can really offer you a nice and quite cost-effective wedding as well.…

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