Day: September 27, 2017

Innovative Tips for Do It Yourself Wedding Inspiration


Weddings can be such a beautiful experience, even if you do spend so much time putting work into planning for it. The downside is usually that they end up costing so much in the end. Due to the hefty bill that most newlyweds face after a wedding, there has been an uptick in the trend of do it yourself weddings lately. Combined with the information now available on places like Pinterest and other internet sites, it almost seems silly to think that you would pay someone money to do half the things you can do yourself. Another interesting insight may be the lack of formal religion in many people’s lives these days. The current generation making up the bulk of the newlywed pool seems to favor a traditional church or temple wedding far less than generations of the past. If you are a bride or groom, or maybe even in the wedding party, you should probably take a look through some of the great tips below. Being part of a do it yourself wedding can actually be a lot of fun.

Enlist Your Friends

If you are going to be calling on your friends to give you help, then it might be nice to reach out to them in the very beginning. Sometimes it is easier to get people excited and involved in something if they feel invested in the idea from the start. Maybe even let people vote to help you decide between your top wedding themes or have them help you put together the list of tasks that need to be done. Picking a theme should obviously be first on your list of things to do since it will dictate everything you have to do in the future.

Do Not Insist on Being Original

weddingOk, this one may sound mean, but you are not original. The world is a big wide place and there are at least a few other people out there who are very much like you. Chances are there are a whole group of people just like you, and they have already shared their ideas on the internet. I guess what I am saying is, take advantage of this and get inspiration from you peers. Sure, feel free to add your own twist or detail on an item or idea, but do not turn down every idea your friends come to you with just because they found it on the internet from someone who did it first.

Shop for Supplies Places Other Than Just Craft Stores

I am not saying you should avoid shopping at craft stores all together, just suggesting that you should keep an open mind and perhaps look at purchasing items in other stores, like a Home Depot. A hardware store can be a great place to get things that some people use for crafts, for a lower price. This can be because the item you are in need of is actually has an everyday use. You might be able to find coupons or deals for these types of stores well and save yourself even more money.…

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