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Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes to weddings, it’s safe to say we’ve all considering getting married. After all, we all want companionship of some kind, and what is marriage if not the ultimate form of companionship? Not only that, but culture by and large tells us that marriage is the correct path to take through life, so how can we not think about it? Many of us have even put enough thought into marriage as to plan out our dream wedding in advance for fun. And, weddings are fun events. They can be stressful to plan, however, hence the Bridezilla archetype, but I think we can all agree that it’s worth it to know that you’ve found your soulmate and that the two of you are together to the fullest extent possible. Before we reach that point, however, we have to consider the ceremony, and we have to consider the planning thereof.

First and foremost, you need to consider your budget. Weddings tend to get pretty expensive pretty quickly, and that’s okay with most of us because it’s hard to put a budget on the most important day of your life like that. However, we’re not made of money, so it’s important to know your limits and be ready to back down if need be. For example, instead of getting real, expensive flowers for decoration, you could get convincing fakes for cheap from Macy’s, and no one would know the difference. It’s like a magician’s act. The bride and groom act as a misdirection, so no one notices the small details, so you can take some liberties. However, if you’re the “go big or go home” kind of person, feel free to do your own thing. It’s your big day, after all.

Another important thing to take into consideration is catering. Vegetarianism and veganism are more popular now than ever, and so you may want to, pun definitely intended, cater to those dietary restrictions on your big day for the sake of including friends and family who are vegetarian and vegan. This will go a long way toward making your guests feel more like part of the family, and they’ll enjoy themselves all the more, which will make you enjoy yourself all the more, as well.

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