Plan Your Wedding on a Budget


Weddings are very costly. You have so much that must be organized and that essentially drives up your costs. There is the venue to sort and then somewhere for the after party and, of course, you have the costs for the dresses and suits. Weddings are unfortunately far too costly and for most couples, they do not have thousands and thousands to spend. However, there are still ways to plan a wedding on a rather small budget and it can still be a very intimate affair.

Look At Self Catering

When you’re working with a budget you absolutely need to cut costs wherever you can. However, catering for the after party can be extremely expensive and something that adds thousands onto your wedding bill. Instead of hiring caters you may want to look into self-catering. If you or someone in the family has a talent for cooking it may be wise to ask them if they could lend a hand. This could be their wedding gift to you; or you could buy the supplies for them instead. It really is a simple way to save money and it’s a useful option for those working with a tight budget.

Shop Around For a More Cost-Effective Wedding Dress and Suit

Brides want the ideal wedding dress but, sometimes, these can be extremely costly. However, if you can, you could use your mother’s old wedding dress and alter it somewhat to make it more modern. It is a more cost-effective way to afford a dress and it can save so much. There are many outlets to rent a dress from or indeed buy second-hand. Now, you might scoff at used garments but it can be a fantastic way to save money. If these aren’t the ideal solutions for you there is always the idea of shopping around. This will allow you to find a more cost-effective wedding dress for less. You should do this for groom’s suits.

Ask the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to Buy Their Own Garments

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a large or small wedding, you probably will have bridesmaids, ushers and a best man which means more money to pay out for their attire. However, the dresses and suits, not to mention gifts, can be extremely costly. That is why you have to talk to them and explain the situation. You need to ask them if they could purchase a dress or suit themselves. It doesn’t need to be anything too over the top, just a subtle suit or dress. This would save money and, if they’re true friends, they will understand and hopefully agree. You can still get them a special gift to thank them but, again, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. read more from

Throw the Wedding Party in Your Back Garden

Planning a wedding on a budget can be extremely tough and, for most, they don’t have the money to hire a venue. However, you don’t need to book a large venue as you can hire a smaller venue to cater for the after party. If you want to save even more money, it would be wise to look at hosting the after party somewhere free—your home. Throwing the wedding party in your garden would be ideal if you have good enough space available to you. If your home isn’t big enough, you could always ask your parents or a family friend. If they agree you could pay them something so they aren’t put-out.

Limit Your Guest List

weddingsTo be honest, if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, there needs to be some sort of limit to the amount of guests you invite. While you might want three or four hundred guess, it mightn’t be viable. That’s why you have to limit your overall guest list, at both the ceremony and the after party. The fewer people you have the less you’ll have to pay for catering and the actual venue. This is a simple way to plan a wedding on a budget and it’s worth considering nonetheless. A more intimate wedding can be more romantic and special. get news from

There’s No Need to Spend Big

In this day and age, very few people have the cash to spend big on a wedding. It can be tragic because you feel as though you’re missing out but you shouldn’t look at it like that. Yes, you might have wanted the big wedding, but what about a more intimate setting? Smaller weddings can be more intimate and can really offer you a nice and quite cost-effective wedding as well.